Use a 3D Photo Crystal to Enhance Your Wedding Photos

Are you interested in using a 3D photo crystal to enhance your wedding photos? There are many options available to choose from and you can even get one that is custom made if you desire. I’ll show you a few techniques that can be used for creating stunning effects.

The best way to create a stunning photo crystal with the least amount of effort is to take a panoramic shot from the front. The resulting images will show the background in clear, high definition. You can then easily adjust the colors to match the style of your chosen crystal or buy a more neutral color.

The next technique I like to use is to simply download a panorama into my virtual studio. Once done, I use this shot as a guide for the color and clarity of the crystal. It doesn’t take long for me to make my way through a quick panorama shot, so there’s really no excuse to not do this. If you’re a beginner, just experiment with a few of these techniques until you find the one that works best for you.

I love taking my bride and groom and their friends and family to a location to have them stand in the grass and take a look at the photo crystal. By doing this, it allows me to easily create an effect that looks like they are lying on the ground. The resulting effect can make the most seasoned photographer jump with excitement.

I was recently sent a 3D photo crystal that had been personalized by the bride and groom. The crystal actually looked more realistic than when I first saw it and I wanted to know how to use it. Here’s how to use a photo crystal for your next wedding photo shoot.

Start by creating a scene. If you are able to do this easily, by yourself, then you can save a lot of time. If not, a professional photographer can do this for you.

Now you need to add in the background and prepare the background a little bit more than you would normally for the whole thing. This is important to make the scene seem just right for the photo crystal.

Take your camera and take a look at the backdrop and select the photo crystal. You should now have it almost ready to start with. A good rule of thumb is to have your room totally dark and make sure you can not see into the room when you are using the photo crystal.

Now it’s time to remove the picture from the photo crystal. Remove the plastic cover that comes with it and do this gently. Removing the cover is very easy, but you don’t want to break the crystal or ruin it completely.

The other important step here is to expose the photo crystal to the light and have it perfectly exposed. This will bring out all of the details in the photos you take. I suggest starting out with a bright room.

Once you’ve done this, it’s now time to start taking the photo crystal and shooting the guests. I usually choose a couple of photos to use up on the crystal. You can always use the rest of the crystals later and get rid of the ones you don’t think will work.

If you haven’t read my side note about the photos, you should do so now. You’ll learn how to use a photo crystal to make your pictures look better and a lot more professional. If you’re serious about your photography, this information will be your bread and butter.

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